ISO 8222

Petroleum Measurment Systems - Calibration - Temperature corrections for use with volumetric reference measuring systems

This calculates the density of water at stream temperatures between 0.05 DegC and 45 DegC.

Calculated Density

This calculation is done twice to determine the calculated water stream density and the calculated water standard density. These are required for the Ct calculation.

1996 Wagenbreth & Blanke Method


2002 Method


Symbol Description Units
ρw Calculated density kg/m3
t Temperature, either standard or stream °C

Constant Value
aw0 999.8395639
aw1 6.798299989e-2
aw2 -9.106025564e-3
aw3 1.005272999e-4
aw4 -1.126713526e-6
aw5 6.591795606e-9
A 7.0134e-8
B 7.926504e-6
C -7.575677e-8
D 7.314894e-10
E -3.596458e-12
t0 3.9818
ρ0 999.97358

Compressibility Factor


Symbol Description Units
Fp Compressibility Factor -
t1 Upstream temperature °C

Pressure Correction Factor


Symbol Description Units
Cp Pressure correction factor -
Fp Compressibility factor -
p1 Upstream pressure bar g

Temperature Correction Factor


Symbol Description Units
Ct Temperature correction factor -
ρw,std Calculated water standard density kg/Sm3
ρw,strm Calculated water stream density kg/m3

Stream Density


Symbol Description Units
ρ1 Water upstream density kg/m3
ρstd Water standard density kg/Sm3
Cp Pressure correction factor -
Ct Temperature correction factor -