AGA 11

Measurement of Natural Gas by Coriolis Meter

This standard calculates the real gas density at specified conditions.

A Coriolis meter measures mass directly, without having to infer mass through the measurement of actual volume. The only required equation is to convert mass to equivalent volume: the gas density. The algorithm for the calculation is extremely straightforward. It is the application of the real gas law to a specific set of conditions. A configuration option exists to choose the density you wish to calculate between upstream, downsteam, observed or standard

Real Gas Density

Real Gas Density

Symbol Description Units
ρ Real gas density kg/m3
P Pressure kPaA
T Temperature K
Z Compression factor at the entered pressure and temperature -
MW Mole weight kg/kmol

Constant Description Value Units
R Universal Gas Constant 8.314459848484848 J/mol/K