Can I save a specific configuration so results can be regenerated?

Yes, once you have performed a comparison you may either click the SGC-Valid8™ file icon at the bottom of the page or navigate back to the home page and select the save icon. All entered input values, configuration settings and preferred units of measurement will be saved in a .vld8 file to your specified download folder.

Are there any technical reqiurements for using SGC-Valid8™?

SGC-Valid8™ has been tested and is compatible with the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 8 and above
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Opera

To use the export to Excel function SGC-Valid8™ requires you have Microsoft Excel 2007 or above to open the saved .XLSX file extensions.

What are the 'Time Period A' and 'Time Period B' fields on the configuration page?

These are optional inputs for the Period Total and Averaging calculation pages, which only contain 'hourly' and 'daily' periods by default in their configuration options. Totals and averages can be calculated over many different periods. If further periods are required, for example '4-hourly', enter them to the 'Period A' and 'Period B' fields in the home page and those periods will become selectable in the configuration options.

Is there any functionality to automate results by connecting to an OPC or Modbus server?

No, this functionality is restricted to the desktop version of SGC-Valid8™ which will become available for purchase in the coming year.

Is there a full list of all calculations covered?